There are 43 Field Trial Champions and 8 Field Trial Winners in her 5 generation pedigree.
Holly is an affectionate girl with tons of drive. Very well mannered and well trained.
She can take pride in how well she is bred, this shows in her personality and her work ethic.

Diamond J English Ivy

Call Name: Ivy

Bea is a very birdie girl that is not intimidated by heavy cover.  She is steady and will honor another dog.  Her personality is lovely, she is kind and gentle.  Such a sweet girl, we love our Bea!


Diamond J British Labs offers the best of the best. The imported femalesare award winning Labradors from England and Ireland. They are from championship blood lines from field trial and open class competitors.

The females at Diamond J British Labs are proven excellent hunters as well as loyal companions.

Black Pearl

Ruebury Tia

Call Name: Red


Glenanne Velvet

Call Name: Pip

Diamond J's Leysens Safe Haven

Call Name: Alley

She is a friendly loving girl, who has very high drive in the field. she lives to make you happy.

She is a quick learner and driven to please. She has a gentle sweet nature and is a happy girl to be with. Her excellent breeding shows through in everything she does. Welcome to our family Stella!

Diamond J's Leysen Up & Down Alley

Shimnavale Iona

Call Name: Kimber


Her pedigree consist of:
International Field Trial Champion Craighorn Bracken
Field Trial Winner Swinbrook Cress
Field Trial Champion Mediterian Blue
With 44 other Field Trial Champions and Winners in her 5 generation pedigree.

Diamond J Quaking Aspen

Call Name: Aspen

Daughter of the Field Trial Champion Defleet Neon of Fendawood.

Her pedigree will wow you with all the Field Trial Champions and Winners.
This beautiful light yellow girl has a wonderful personality that is full of happiness. She is an extremely bright girl, with a good nose and proven hunting skills.

This black beauty is the daughter of Diamond J's Leysen Safe Haven. She has the same wonderful temperament as her mom. Alley loves attention and will be your shadow. This little girl has great retrieval drive and is willing to please.

Sired by: FT CH Longcopse Bertie

This girl has 47 Field Trial Champions and Winners in her 5 generation pedigree.

Kimber has a zest for life in everything she does. She has a sunny disposition, a happy girl that is willing to please.This same sunny dispositon is also displayed in her work ethic.  We are pleased to have her in our family of labs.

Sired by : FT CH Mediterian Blue
This bold dark fox red girl has a 44 FT CH and FTW in her pedigree.  She is bright, spunky, and full of drive.  We were fortunate to get her from the UK in 2015.  She has already produced some stunning puppies.  

Dixie is the second female Chocolate British Labrador that we acquired from England in 2015.

She is a lively, energetic gal that loves to have your attention.  She, like our other chocolate labs, comes from a combination of field trialed dogs and show dogs in the UK.  Her mother, Autumnwillow, has amazing retrieval instinct and drive.  Her sire, Grangemead Pedro, is from a acclaimed breeder and trainer of British Labradors in the UK.  

Such potential this girl has.

Daughter of our Maddy and Master Hunter Archie
A wonderful girl in all aspects, has great drive in the field along with a caring heart when at home. This girl is one of my top upland bird dogs and full of natural talent !

She warms our hearts every day we spend with her and wants nothing more than to please her master.

Diamond J. Jessica

This beautiful light yellow girl is one of the friendliest dogs you will meet. She is all about pleasing whom ever is working her. She is a well bred female with an excellent pedigree. I am really fortunate to have her in my kennel.

                                                     We are very proud to welcome Holly to our family of dogs.


Dutchess is an beauty! She is one of the few true Chocolate British Labradors here in the US.  We are proud to have her in our family.  In the past decade the gundog community in the UK have accepted the chocolates to compete and title.  Her pedigree has both field trial titled dogs along with show dogs.  

She is a spirited girl weighing about 45 lbs.  

Brookmount Holly

Call Name: Holly

Sired by : Altiquin Flash of Berrocan

Daughter of Diamond J Shannon from FT CH Eastdale Guss.
This young girl has a load of energy.  When you first meet her she will pretend she is bashful but don't fall for it!  She is as intelligent and loving as her parents.  She is definitely her mother's daughter.  We loved Shannon, who has since retired.  We are lucky to keep the breeding lines.

She is a well mannered young lady and a wonderful addition to our family of dogs.

Churnsway Aphrodite Call Name: Stella

This is our girl Pip, she is a bright girl, who has learned a great deal in just a year's time. She is a skilled retriever, she will not hesitate when asked to do a task, she has drive and loves her work. Plus a pleasing personality that shows how happy she is.  Retired

This girl is ready to make her mark on the world just like her Field Trial Champion father Adoraden Quinn.

Her grandfathers are Field Trial Champions Eastdale Guss and Endacott Shelf. She can brag about the many other Field Trial Champions and Winners that are in her pedigree.

This little girl is from RED & BLUE from my kennel. She is a wonderful girl with the sweetest personality and always willing to please. If you will rub her belly, she will be your best friend. 



We traveled to the UK in 2015 to pick up Duke and Dutchess.  Both have proven to be amazing dogs with all of the personality that British Labrador owners brag about.  .

Call Name: HAVEN

Dovepark Isla  

Call Name: Dutchess

Sired by: Altiquin Flash of Berrocan

The exception lineage of her parents made her a keeper.

This gorgeous ivory girl has the desired temperament.  She is calm and loyal just like her mother, Jade, and father, Flash.  What a loving girl that melts you with her perky ears and tilt of her head. 

Sealsun Raspberry

Call Name: Bea


​Call name: COPPER

Copper has good hips and is clear of EIC,CNM,PRA & PGRA

Kenquince Sheringham Drew

Call Name: Dixie

Her Grandparents are both Field Trial Champions along with 29 other Field Trial Champions and Winners in her 5 generation pedigree.
Red is the daughter of excellent working dogs Quarry Moor Rocket and Langram Amy. She is a social girl, enjoys time running with the other girls and she especially loves her time just one on one with you.

Stanthorn Tama

Call Name: Neon

Kenquartz Pearl Button of Newcottage

Call Name: Bijou

Sired by: Lesser Burdock Arrow of Maighmor

Dam: Glenanne Honey
Born: 07/07/2011

Grandparents: Field Trial Champion Greenbriar Viper of Drakeshead
Field Trial Champion, Irish Field Trial Champion Myreton Diablo of Glenloch



Jessica, daughter of our expired Storm and our retired Black Jade.
Her pedigree is peppered with winners.
Our beloved Storm was an AKC Jr. Hunter and graced with a outstanding pedigree.
Our Jade is the daughter of the Field Trial Champion Drakeshead Indiana.
The hunting skills of Jessica's parents were and are outstanding and Jessica possesses them all.